Achieve your Company Aim through Facebook Advertising


Most people use Facebook to share photographs and stay connected with friends, but are you aware you could use it to earn money too? There are lots of ways to make money on Facebook, from using link-type marketing software to creating a fan page and then selling the posts. You may also use Facebook to advertise and sell your products.

One of typically the most popular and least successful models you see in new business plans for startups is the so-called Facebook model, providing free services to users while collecting revenue from ads to offset costs and grow the business. To make this work, you need significant traffic on your own site — probably at least a million page views per month — which most sites never reach in their lifetimes.

That’s an especially tough challenge in your first year or two of operation, even when you use every technique known to get traffic flowing. As you are doing all this work, of course, you need deep pockets to fund all your efforts, content and growing website hosting fees. Before it became prosperous when Facebook did it a few years ago, the company used more than $100 million in venture capital funding.

Making money on Facebook is usually a multi-step process

In fact, if you approach Facebook paid advertising more as a list-building exercise than a direct sales exercise, you’re more likely to turn a profit.

With that in mind, let’s look at turning Facebook advertisement clicks into dollars…
First, let ’s discuss landing page. Based on the results I’ve seen from my tests and those of others, you’re generally better off sending the traffic to a landing page on Facebook instead of one on your website.

And when you send that traffic to your Facebook page, don’t send the traffic to your Wall. Send it to a landing (or “Welcome”) page that’s designed to get someone to Like your page and/or capture their email address.

The Local Business

This business ran a quite simple advertisement that had their logo and also a message encouraging individuals to Like their Facebook page as a way to get special weekly deals the company places on Facebook.

The National Brand

Similar to offering access to special deals, you can take people directly to a page with coupons.
The Hidden Value of the “Like”

One last little Facebook ad nugget like to share with you that most folks aren’t conscious I’d of…
Are you aware that when you’re the administrator of a Facebook Page you can run ads targeting everyone who’s Liked your page?

So, using one of the examples above, Straub’s can run advertisements targeting only their 5000 Facebook friends. (And they can get even more specific with their targeting. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, they can run their advertising promoting a “Chocolate and Roses Valentine’s Day gift basket for your wife” to their supporters in the St. Louis area who are males and are married.)

This is cool for a couple of reasons. First, things you post on your Wall can easily get lost in your fans’ News Feeds. Running ads to your fans can help your message(s) stand out from the gang.

Even cooler is how affordable it is to do this. You can likely have your advertising reach 1000 of your devotees for about $1 – $2. It’s really hard to get your marketing message out to that a lot of your customers/fans for so little!

Facebook advertisements have transformed the way you make money with your site. You have your advertising set up so that you always earn more cash than they spend, and consistently have a positive return on investment.
It might be anywhere from 20% to 400% depending on what you’re advertising.

Everybody talks about how great Facebook advertising are for driving new leads and customers to your company. And the ads themselves are simple enough to set up, right?

The whole point of a campaign ISN’T just getting your advertisement shown in the news feed. You’re spending money to generate sales, leads, and traffic.

Your advertisements have to work. Otherwise, you ’re simply wasting your cash.
In this guide, I’m going to instruct you, step-by-step, implement, analyze and how to create engaging, creative, professionally -crafted facebook ads with ridiculously high clickthrough and conversion rates – WITHOUT breaking the bank.

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3 Elements of a High-Converting Facebook Advertising

  • Finding an audience that is guaranteed to convert
  • Locating your audience is the MOST important element of every campaign because, in the event that you show a crappy ad to the right individuals, it will STILL work a lot better than the most beautifully crafted, poorly targeted advertising at those who don’t give a sh*t about what you’re selling.
  • Promotion to an audience this big is like shotgunning your curriculum vitae to every employer in America, although you want to work somewhere close to home.


Facebook’s goal is to take your money, and the more times your ad gets revealed, the more you spend. They do n’t really care if your business gets a positive return. Obviously, this is no bueno. There must be SOME precision by means of your targeting.
On the other hand, some advertising experts might let you know which you have to get HYPER specific and pare your audience down to a niche list of like 4,500 people to make sure that they’re really interested in your offer.

Choosing the correct offer for your crowd

There are many different things you can offer that make people click, sign up or buy from you on Facebook.
You’ll get a lot of different offers in your newsfeed. Some free, some paid. Some online, some in person. If paired with the proper audience, they all can convert.

For instance…

If you’re a local restaurant and you want to boost your Friday happy hour, perhaps you’ll run an ad that provides a two-for-one coupon when the user clicks through to a landing page. In this case, it makes sense to drill down fairly close to your crowd. Your offer is for something special, regional and time-sensitive.

Your targeting could contain:

Location: 10-15 mile driving distance
Age: 13-year-olds are n’t legal, 65-year olds probably aren’t as interested
Timeframe: Thursday and Friday
Interests: Other restaurants in the region similar to yours
Making kick butt creative that gets results
The initial thing you’ll need to be able to optimize your creative to do is to nail down a preliminary audience and offer. You need a baseline to examine from.
Got that down? Good.

From here you need to pick new images and copy to see how it stacks up against the baseline.
Pick 3 new relevant images that vary from your original advertisement
Select pictures with distinctly different characteristics (different subject, angle, colors, graphics) so that your audience can “vote” on which ad they like with their clicks

Tweak your copy to be simpler and more direct if possible – but keep it consistent across all 3 new advertising
Run those ads for 24 hours and compare to baseline
After you get preliminary numbers in, open up a new audience for each of your new advertisements and see what performs the finest

Tweak and • Assess copy and imagery from your new baseline every few days.
With this specific procedure, you can continually refresh the creative in ads your advertising based on the data you receive, and incrementally add new audiences to tested advertisements that have proven themselves in other segments.

The Basic Premise

Let’s say you’re selling a $100 (for the sake of round numbers) digital product online. Every sale makes you $100 clear profit.
So long as you spend less than $100 on marketing that merchandise (and make a sale), you’re making a positive return on investment.
Just how much that return on investment is all comes down to how you promote the product.
Other methods on the best way to advertise your products

Collect The E-Mail

You set up a Facebook ad campaign to advertise a free ebook/report / course, in return for someone’s email address. This is often carried out with a page template in OptimisePress, and a whole host of other software.
They get added to your list when they enter their email address, and the first follow-up email they receive contains the free offer.

Direct Them to a Sales Page

You’ve their attention; don’t waste it.
When their emails are collected by you can automatically redirect your leads. Either when they input their details or confirm their email address. This really is when you want to send them to a sales page.

Add Them to an Autoresponder

You’re only going to make an initial return on investment from a handful of people in step 2, so it’s important that you keep in contact with these leads, providing them with a mix of content and sales.
Lots of cash in that list, because there’s still.
Autoresponders are a different matter entirely though.