Effective Ways to Market your Products and Services

product marketing strategies

What is Marketing Strategy?

You’re at the helm of a hot young startup peddling a brand new product that is set to revolutionize your industry. Or maybe you’re an up-and-comer in your organization ‘s marketing department looking to make a name for yourself with killer product marketing strategies in your catalog. Whatever your function in the business community, in case you are in charge of selling a merchandise, you’ll wish to enhance your sales and build brand recognition with an intelligent, well-balanced promotional effort.

Marketing is more than only an advertising campaign; it should result in earnings for your company. Understanding the different approaches to market your products or services is able to help you make the proper choice for your company.

It’s time to start driving traffic to your store and making sales once you’re up and running. Whether you’re still attempting to get your first sale, or you’ve been for a while, it’s always good to find more ways to promote your organization.

Examples of Product Marketing Strategies

Print and Graphic Arts Media

Depending on the type of message you wish to speak to your customers, print media offers different choices, including magazines, business cards, newspaper ads, and booklets.

  • Pamphlets, posters, and packaging are an economical solution to provide many different messages and comprehensive advice about your products and services.

  • Business cards may be properly used to support your networking actions and give potential customers the information they have to get hold of you.

  • Local newspaper advertising is a method to reach individuals in your community and exposes them to your message in order to develop a stronger local presence for your company.

  • Magazines possess the advantage of targeting a more particular audience of subscribers who are interested in the issues it covers.

Electronic Media

Electronic media is a general term for any media that needs an electronic device for the content to be got. Some of the very most typical kinds of electronic media include television, radio, internet and content for mobile devices.

  • Television content captures more audience time than just about any other media and is targeted at home audiences.

  • Radio is cost effective, and the crowd is ordinarily faithful to a station’s software arrangement.

  • The net offers you a number of various methods to market your product or service on a website or by e-mail.

  • Cells and smartphones allow for promotion approaches that allow you to reach customers directly on their mobile devices.

  • Social media marketing encourages online interaction between your customers as well as your business using various social networking sites.

Additional Product Marketing Strategy Examples

Promotional gifts, like calendars, key rings, and pens, might be given to individuals and groups that you simply know personally to help produce a positive opinion of your business and improve its reputation.

Networking and community engagement can also support the promotion of your company. By participating in community activities, seminars, trade shows and other networking events, you can make new contacts and reach out to potential customers. Speaking to people about your business may be one of the utmost effective ways of promoting your service or product.

Planning your marketing strategy can help you determine the easiest way to advertise your product or service, allow you to measure your success against set goals and provide you with a clearer concept of where your strategy may need adjustments.

Email Marketing

Email is the second most successful customer acquisition channel, behind organic search. And while the position in search engines and getting traffic that is organic can take some time, email starts to work right away. Why you should be using electronic mail to promote your shop.

There’s no need to spend all your time writing and sending emails. Make it easy on yourself by setting up a collection of automated e-mail campaigns designed to help you make more sales. There are various alternatives, for example, offering them an incentive to shop and emailing new subscribers, or e-mailing visitors who abandoned their cart and reminding them to finish their purchase.

Start an Affiliate Program

If you’re struggling to make sales and also you don’t have the cash to hire advertising help or sales, consider adding an affiliate program to your store. You can get others to advertise your product for a commission. When they make a sale, you’ll only need to pay them.

Affiliate programs usually function by creating a custom URL for every person marketing your products. Where they’re showing it off they can share this link on social media, in a blog post reviewing your product, or even in a YouTube video. Through the custom links, you’ll manage to track who is driving sales for you so they can be compensated by you.

Land Your Business in the Press

Getting promotion is a superb method to reach new clients and help more people discover your merchandise. It’s also notoriously challenging to do. Mainstream journalists are inundated with press releases and pitches for narratives. Enhance your odds by targeting bloggers instead.

Instead of sending bloggers press releases, reach out with a personal email and ask when you can send them a sample. It’s possible for you to target bloggers in your own industry, product-focused websites, and even social media influencers.


Pinterest is the place to be if you intend to buy or sell products online. 93% of active pinners say they use Pinterest to plan purchases. Not surprisingly, many folks use Pinterest to construct wish lists. This makes it a fantastic place to advertise products—especially well-designed products that photograph well.

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What’s even better is that pins tend to stick around for quite a long time. It’s not uncommon for pins to get viewed for months after they’re posted. Optimize your pins by using the correct keywords posting when more people are online, and using captivating images. You can even run contests to extend your reach. Be sure you enable Affluent Pins to possess additional product information comprised.

Facebook Shop Section

You can take your Facebook advertising a step further by adding a Facebook Shop Section to your Facebook page. This alternative makes it easier for people that find your products on Facebook to get them.

Add Facebook as a sales channel for those who have a Shopify shop. You’ll look at graphics, have the ability to create your own Shop Section on your own Facebook page where fans can learn about your products, and click the buy button to make a purchase.

Twitter Buy Button

Much like the Facebook Shop Section and Buyable Pins, the Twitter Purchase Button makes it simple for Twitter users to purchase products they discover on the platform. Once enabled, any product listed in your store will have a Buy Button when it’s shared on Twitter— even if it was shared in the recent past.

Currently, the Twitter Purchase Button is just available to merchants and shoppers in the United States. You can add your shop to empower the Buy Button and the Twitter Channel if you’re an eligible Shopify merchant.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing also referred to as word of mouth promotion, is among the oldest advertising strategies about. Referral marketing is really all about getting other people to talk about your merchandise in a manner which will drive awareness and sales.

You’ll be able to utilize the net to drive even more referral marketing, these days. Not only does it permit you to reach more folks, the web makes it simpler for other folks to share your content —and for you to monitor its impact.

Blogger Outreach

One of the hardest parts of starting a new company is promoting a product when you don’t have an audience. In the event, you don’t have your own community built up until you have your own you either have to pay to drive visitors to your site or tap into someone else’s audience.

Blogger outreach is an effective approach to develop prestige around your product and get it in front of interested shoppers. Ask your merchandise to be featured or review by authoritative bloggers. It could drive lots of traffic and sales if they have an engaged audience that trusts their view.


Instagram has over 400 million active users and its visual focus is perfect for marketing products. Half of those users are on Instagram every day. Any brand would do well to share their products on this network.

There are several ways to use Instagram to advertise your store. You share a stop motion video of one of your products in actions can share captivating pictures of your products, run a contest, or reach out to influential Instagram accounts and ask them to share your product.


In 2014, YouTube became the second largest search engine, behind Google. What’s more, YouTube videos may also rank in traditional search engines like Google. This presents a huge traffic opportunity.

You don’t need to produce a viral video to get results on YouTube. You can still promote your products with helpful or interesting videos. Lots of individuals may already be looking for your products or brand on YouTube. You can control the narrative, by developing a branded channel, with your own videos.