All You Should Know About Logistics & Transport on Demand


It’s a wonderful problem to have: You’ve been assigned to handle transport and logistics for the supply chain of your business. On the plus side, this is actually the time to reveal what you’re made of. Can you manage the job efficiently; introducing a solution that saves the company money as well as time?

If the decision you make goes bad on the other hand, what happens? What if costs go over budget? What if shipments don’t get to their appointed destinations punctually? What if a generation bottleneck occurs and everyone points a finger at you? You can avoid this scenario by getting the most out of your supply chain provider.

Transportation Planning & Operations

Even though at first sight the transportation operation looks quite easy – Carry load from the source to destination. In reality, there are several other factors and variables the transportation using business need to consider about.

The first thing to take into account while setting up the business will be to approach investors and financial firms to source the funding. Next step would be to own or hire adequate fleet of vehicles to carry and transfer load.

Also consider path planning, as the time improvement to optimize earning transport companies. From where the maximum traffic is expected, areas are regularly studied by many analytic transporters. They then use more trucks or carriage vans in this area.

Logistic Factors

Ondemand transport management also paves importance to the optimum use of the vehicle. For a planned transfer, the entire logistic chain is devised in a well-planned way. The basic thought is to make certain that the transport truck should never go completely empty without load. This thing holds true when the traveling distance is long and the truck returns back completely without load.

Entire logistics are smartly interlinked that soon after the truck unloads at the customer-A, it picks up the load from customer-B. And after unloading customer-B the truck then moves on with the order from customer-C. Sometimes emergency trips and alternate vehicle are also planned to provide comprehensive services to prized customers.

Like in any other company, on-demand transportation service are also on a lookout for an honest, reliable and efficient workforce. The hiring of a good set of individuals makes the whole logistic operation look so smooth and convenient.

What do you should know to get the most from your supply chain supplier?

  • Integrated Handling – Try to find a logistics supplier that integrates shipping with efficient handling. Carter Logistics not only provides strategically set hubs in several U.S. locations, we also staff our docks with well-trained employees using the latest in handling approaches and technologies.

  • Use of Technology – Since we’re on the subject, a solid logistics provider will use technology to drive your company’s mission and performance goals. Our extensive offering of alternatives includes satellite tracking, warehouse scanning software, up-to-date inventory control, and around-the-clock support.

  • International Options – Not only do we have logistics facilities here in the United States, we’ve first class supply-chain capabilities across North America and through the entire world.

  • Warehousing – Your logistics support should be able to store and handle pick-and-pack operations, obsolete products, and machinery, as well as the storage of stock unable to fit in your facility. Carter Logistics is equipped to receive products in by piece or by skid creating customer-specific warehousing solutions.

  • Returnables – A superb logistics handler should not only be able to deliver your shipment, but return expendable packaging to you saving you dollars in repurchasing stuff. As a section of our service, we deliver reusable packaging back to you as part of your regular shipping routine.

  • Milk Run – Our best solution of all is our industry premier Milk Run that unites efficient cross-docking with transport on over 200 daily courses. We can consolidate shipments to meet the needs of multiple customers within a truckload!