Social Media Marketing For Product Launching

social media marketing

At least 2.3 billion people around the world are actively using social media. Companies are going to social media sites because it’s where their customers are. Social media marketing offers an affordable and effective alternative for marketers as it pertains to product launch promotion.

Think about the target market, when it comes to picking media to support a brand new product start. Schneider Associates 2014 Most Memorable New Product Launch survey found that each generation uses a media blend that was unique. Seniors, Boomers, and GenXers still like to curl up with a magazine. Millennials are turning to Facebook and Twitter, while GenZ, or the iGeneration, is distrustful of brands and places more value on peer-to-peer reviews–even from strangers. Before buying a new product, consumers now look to six or more sources for information. This fractured media consumption trend makes it difficult for brands to build brand awareness, earn consumer mindshare, and drive sales.

How Social Media has changed the marketing industry

Now, instead of spending a ton of money hoping to get in front of the “press,” you are the media. Social media enables you to associate with individuals and encourage participation with hardly any cash and only a nominal effort.

Like Social Media Examiner, you might have a site or podcast or possibly a video set. This means you’re a media outlet and can leverage that following every time you establish.

Chances are fairly good you’ve developed relationships across social stations even if you don’t produce content. All of these outposts give a terrific opportunity to take the launching process to an entirely new level.

Social Media in launching a product

The importance of social media marketing strategies in a product launch.

It’s not only because of the high number of active users that businesses are embracing social media to promote their brand and products. Social networking helps your brand do the following:

  • Increase brand exposure: 89% of marketers think that social media marketing platform is a powerful solution to get more visibility for their brand. You need individuals to learn about your brand along with the item when you’re starting a brand new merchandise. So, raising brand and product knowledge is just one of the goals of your product launch advertising. It should be an essential portion of your plan, since social media marketing is known to be an effective method of increasing brand exposure.

  • Develop faithful enthusiasts: 68% of marketers effectively use social media marketing to garner customer loyalty. You have to construct a loyal following well ahead of your launch date, which simply makes social media all the more critical when it comes to new products.

  • Render leads: 66% of marketers found that social media marketing is successful for generating leads. If you’re promoting a new product, so that they eventually take action, you need to get people to desire your product. Social media proves to be powerful for producing leads, so it’s an important channel for your product launch marketing plan.

Using Social Media Marketing Strategies during product launching

Use these notions to inspire your social media marketing strategies for your product start:

Establish creative teaser campaigns

You have to stir the curiosity of your target audience, before establishing your merchandise. One of the best strategies to do this is through a creative teaser campaign. The effort will reveal just enough to show buffs what’s coming up, but not too much, so they remain tuned in to learn more.

A good example of a social media marketing teaser campaign is before it found when Taylor Swift revealed a few lines of lyrics from her 1989 album. The Instagram teaser posts consisted of doodles and handwritten lines by the artist herself, which intrigued buffs and got them excited for the brand new album.

She continued to post these teasers for 13 days leading up to the record launch and managed to get high rates of involvement. Lots of the posts received more than 500,000 Likes each, and one even managed to get 625,000 likes.

Challenge enthusiasts and offer rewards: You wish to engage folks nicely ahead of your actual launch. Creating exciting challenges with a promise of a suitable incentive could be an effective social media strategy to promote your product launch.

Take, as an example, how HBO challenged “Game of Thrones” devotees to #CatchDrogon before the Season 5 premiere of the series.

Throughout this effort, HBO encouraged devotees to “put a bait” using the hashtag #CatchDrogon if they spotted the dragon, and retweet it. They would receive rewards in the kind of exclusive content or physical prizes if they managed to do this in time. This is a wonderful example of the way you can generate buzz and engage enthusiasts for your coming product through social media challenges.

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Offer behind-the-scenes insights

Like the social networking challenge, behind the scenes, insights are a great method to participate buffs before the start of a fresh merchandise. You constantly engage your audience and maintain their interest in your product when you post photographs and videos showcasing what’s going on behind the scenes.

These behind-the-scenes insights not only update your buffs on your advancement but also create buzz for the product. A great example is how director Colin Trevorrow always updated fanatics with behind the scenes pictures for “Jurassic World” before it was released. He posted the following image using a caption saying “Wrap” to let fans know that they’ve finished filming the picture.

A couple of weeks before the launching, he continued to post behind-the-scenes updates and images that intrigued and engaged enthusiasts.

Begin a countdown

By commencing a countdown across your social media channels, a couple of days before the launch, you can build excitement. This will definitely act as a reminder to fans that the minute they have been waiting for is coming soon. Make sure the countdown is visual and exhibits the number of days left until the launching. This can raise intrigue and enlighten individuals to get geared up for the launching.

Mango, for instance, boosted the countdown for a brand new range through celebs like Kendall Jenner. This really is the best example of influencer marketing integrated into social media marketing for a product launch promotion.

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Your Key Takeaways

You finally have four effective ideas to help boost your product launching. These approaches are all designed to awaken your audience’s curiosity keep their interest by showing them bits and pieces of what your new product has to offer.

You have to constantly engage with them through the launch procedure by keeping them updated with your progress. Build and maintain excitement at the perfect time so that customers have an incentive to purchase your merchandise as soon as it found.